Real Men Christian Values and the Passing of Steve Jobs – Part 2

16 Oct

Society idolized Steve Jobs. Even President Obama (who lost his invitation to the recent English royal wedding for gifting Queen Elizabeth an iPad) commented on Steve’s passing.

Perhaps the following are the reasons why:

  1. Steve was an obsessive worker.
  2. Steve lead a team that produces elegant computers and media payers.
  3. Steve saved Apple from bankruptcy.
  4. Steve was an excellent public speaker and gave excellent product presentations.
  5. Steve spent the last days of his life planning the future of Apple Computer and its product releases

From the perspective of the articulation of the values we are trying to embrace from a “Courageous” perspective, the following questions are begged:

  1. Are these the values we hold as Christians?
  2. Is Steve a hero from a family leadership perspective?
  3. Does Steve typify what we should be as Christian men?
  4. Are any of Steve’s accomplishments really important?

Denny Myers


2 Responses to “Real Men Christian Values and the Passing of Steve Jobs – Part 2”

  1. kingjoseph316 October 17, 2011 at 4:58 pm #

    It would seem that Steve Jobs represented a value system that was counter-Christ and pro-world. I would have to say that I can only go on what we have read about him in the media.

    I think being a hard-worker is Biblical but being an obsessive one is not. Anything that comes before or is more important than God to a person is Sin (separation from God).

    While I believe his accomplishments are more numerous than the ones listed I think they mean nothing when we are speaking eternally which is what matters most.

    The values he exemplified in his life, at least the ones we have seen, are not Christian values. This makes sense because he was not a Christian. But as with any life that we put under the microscope we can learn from that person’s mistakes as well as successes.

    The sympathy and mourning of millions of people after his death is not a surprise either because many of them believe in the same values unfortunately.

  2. Denny October 20, 2011 at 6:25 pm #

    Excellent article on Steve Jobs from Rolling Stone Magazine. An even handed portrayal – warts and gems.

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