Continued Discussion of Session One – Courageous Living

24 Oct

We didn’t get to totally finish our discussion Saturday. Plus, some of us may have more to add after having had a few days to think… So here is the opportunity to add more – or make new comments.

Session One – Open Discussion:

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear…

  1. Before you realized Nathan’s objective, did you find yourself agreeing with his actions, or were you hoping he would give up? How did you feel once you realized what Nathan was fighting for?
    1. Would you call his actions courageous and heroic – why or why not?
  2. Describe the most dangerous situation in which you ever found yourself. Would you react the same way now as you did then? Or looking back, do you wish you had responded differently? Was your safety all that was at stake, or was someone else involved?
  3. What scares you most about the life stages of your children? If you don’t have kids, what concerns do you have for the possibility of one day being a parent?
  4. What three things do you think most threatens families today? What sacrifices are you willing to make so these threats don’t harm or destroy your family? How does courage help us make changes?
Denny Myers

One Response to “Continued Discussion of Session One – Courageous Living”

  1. kingjoseph316 October 24, 2011 at 2:26 am #

    One thing that threatens families today is not taking enough time to come together as a family. Society teaches us to fill our days with “stuff” and our families suffer because of it. It is very difficult to find balance in life both personally and as a family. I think our Christian message can definitely help with this threat. Having Christ in our life will teach us to prioritize what is important and what deserves the time we have. As we continue to grow as Christian men some “things” start to lose the importance that they once seemed to have. We begin to value those activities/times with our families that have a more significant eternal benefit.

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