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Note from Joe King

28 Jan

Thank you everybody for a great meeting this past Saturday the 21st! There were 15 of us there! There were a few that were not able to make it for various reasons. Just want you guys to know we missed you and look forward to seeing you at the next meeting! We watched the movie Courageous which our Bible Study is based on. This was my second time seeing it and again I was challenged!

Major Carr and his Wife/Chef Debi did a fabulous job providing a very yummy breakfast! Thank you again to the Carr’s for providing breakfast! We are looking for our next volunteer for breakfast. If you did not get to see the movie I encourage you to rent it or borrow it from Major, it is entertaining as well as uplifting!

Our next meeting is February 18th, at 9am. We will continue our study with Session 2 of the Courageous Bible Study. Bring your Bibles and study booklets. We will have some time to discuss the movie a little as well. I am excited to see what God has in store for us during our time together!

Dates to mark in your calendars for Men’s fellowship participation

February 18, @ 9is Next Meeting

March 3rd or 17th for our March meeting?

March 10th, 11th, 16th, or 17th for Hockey Night. Which one works best for you?

June – Territorial Men’s Retreat

Territorial Men’s Retreat – are you interested? If so we need to jump on this right away. Spots will be taken fast.

Fund raising ideas/participation – what ideas do you have, what will you commit to?

Service – as a group of Christian men (as a group) we need to think about how and when we can serve. There are several projects around the corps that can be done. Timing/scheduling is always a problem, but one that we can overcome. What are your feelings on this?

Discussion on Courageous movie – how did it encourage you, effect you, challenge you. What will you take from it?

Territorial Men’s Retreat….

22 Jan

Please post data on the retreat here…

And whether you would be interested in attending?

Discussion on the film “Courageous.”

22 Jan

What do you think of the movie? I witnessed a lot of allergy action (sniffling noses and runny eyes)….

Let’s get some discussion going!

For starters: What do you think of requiring your daughter’s suitors to meet your approval before allowing your daughter to date the fellow? In this modern world, is there any way any father could get this to work? How?

Comments, please!!!!

Fundraiser to send youths to music conservatory.

22 Jan

We need to raise about $5,000 to send our kids to music conservatory.

We need ideas!

Do far we have;
1. Pancake dinner.
2. Letters of solicitation – for $50 to $100 each.

It costs around $600 per youth for conservatory – so let’s get on the stick and raise some funds so those who want to go can…

Please post any ideas you can come up with.


Meeting Saturday, January 21st – “Courageous, Honor begins at Home”

16 Jan

A reminder and invitation to all:

Our next meeting is this Saturday, January 21st. It will be at9am at the Northwest Corps,12507 Windfern Road,Houston.

During this meeting we will be watching the movie “Courageous, Honor begins at Home”.

Major Carr has already stepped up and volunteered to provide breakfast that morning.  Thank you to Major Carr!

Every and any male person is invited! Not only will we have breakfast and a spectacular movie – we always have very stimulating discussions. So, no matter what your spiritual viewpoint is, you are sure to find something to uplift you.

We have finished up Session 1 of the “Courageous” Bible study.  There are a couple of pages at the end of Session 1 for self-contemplation which can also be found on this discussion board website under the post “Finishing up Lesson One”.

Next meeting we will tackle (notice the seasonally topical football reference) Lesson 2. So you might want to read ahead a bit and let the film on Saturday help you fill in the blanks.

See you Saturday, January 21!!