Meeting Saturday, January 21st – “Courageous, Honor begins at Home”

16 Jan

A reminder and invitation to all:

Our next meeting is this Saturday, January 21st. It will be at9am at the Northwest Corps,12507 Windfern Road,Houston.

During this meeting we will be watching the movie “Courageous, Honor begins at Home”.

Major Carr has already stepped up and volunteered to provide breakfast that morning.  Thank you to Major Carr!

Every and any male person is invited! Not only will we have breakfast and a spectacular movie – we always have very stimulating discussions. So, no matter what your spiritual viewpoint is, you are sure to find something to uplift you.

We have finished up Session 1 of the “Courageous” Bible study.  There are a couple of pages at the end of Session 1 for self-contemplation which can also be found on this discussion board website under the post “Finishing up Lesson One”.

Next meeting we will tackle (notice the seasonally topical football reference) Lesson 2. So you might want to read ahead a bit and let the film on Saturday help you fill in the blanks.

See you Saturday, January 21!!

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